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Mesajde Odessum » 05 Mar 2009, 17:00

Hi guys,

We operate a studio from Ukraine...
We bought Logitech Sphere AF...
We have best possible connection...
New pc and all needed...

We use SUPERWEBCAM to split our cams to several sites...


- we think the video-streaming is NOT what it should be...
sometimes blur, sometimes un-clear, so different then on
what we see on the logitech-setting-image...

- we checked and tried all settings...
now its a little better BUT STILL not perfect...

ANYBODY can advise any hints to get us the right quality ?

Maybe pc config ?
Maybe procesor ?
Maybe video-card ?
Maybe split-software ? (superwebcam till here best result)

Any help or advise is WELCOME...


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Mesajde cobra1981 » 06 Mar 2009, 12:25


I sugest from my past experiences to buy camcorders(the best are Sony)you can't ask the same quality from a webcam that has a camcorder....the internet should be with guaranteed almost forgot...the most important is the lightning can find on internet schemes to make a GOOD lightnning installation...

Good luck
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