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Greetings, dear friends! I want to know your opinion whether the below-described product in the market of webcam services would be needed. Most of all, we interested in the opinion of studio owners.
I myself am a web-studio representative. 3 years ago we began to write a solution of a webcam studio administration for our client. The start was a simple solution to manage accounts with logins and passwords on operating sites for models; currently the software has acquired additional features that will be described below. And there was the question of the revision and withdrawal of the product on the market.
The following information is for those interested in the topic. We would like to ask for your feedback after reading the information: whether we need such product, whether it is useful, and it turned out to be useful only for an individual customer.
The main purpose of this software system is: automation, accounting, remote administration of studios, security (storage of all data on the server, not on computers).
The solution to administer webcam studios consists of 2 parts: frontend and backend.
It is a program for Windows, which is installed on the computer. When it is run, it inqueries username / password from your personal account (each model has their own data to enter the program). After logging in, a client requests data for a particular model from the server (i.e. access from the site are not stored on the host, and are on the "cloud").
In the background (invisible functional) the client counts the time of a model's work (based on the run sites and software encoders), makes desktop screenshots, monitors keystrokes and immediately sends all this on the admin server, without leaving your computer data. You can close the client only through the Task Manager (which is made so that a model could not close the program). It always starts at the start of WIndows.
The frontend functional
After authorization in the application 4 sections are available for a model:
Homepage. On this page a model sees the timeline, which is gradually loaded and shows howmuch time the model has worked for the current shift, which sites were launched, how many breaks were made, and whether foreign sites have been launched. It is also an area for personal notes, which are made according to the type of Stickynotes of Windows (notes are made in order not to store any information in the form of notebooks on the desktop while everything isstored on the "cloud").
Notes and memos. Here, general news of the studio appear in a form of a list, as well as personal messages from the administrator for this model (not tickets, it is impossible to answer the messages, but there is a separate chat).
Sites and access. The model sees the list of sites in the form of disguised links and login / password to them (here you can add any links to any content on the web and to write comments in place of usernames and passwords).
Client base. Here a model may add information to each Member: the name, e-mail, Skype, whatever (an admin in the backend can configure the table as needed with the help of a visual designer).
Chat. Direct communication with the administrator, a model writes - the administrator can immediately see the message. Also with the help of the chat the administrator can invite a model into a group chat (as it is open to all users of the application), for example for the solution of any conflict issues with the participation of several employees of the company, for webinars, trainings, etc.
The functional of the backend (control panel for the administrator).
The server is connected to a domain name, by entering which in the future, the administrator / moderator gets to the login page. Every administrator and moderator has their own login / password and the configured rights to display the available menu items and tools to manage the studio (admins and moderators are created and given their rights by a superadmin (owner), through the same control panel). Below are explained all possibilities of the control panel that a superadmin can trim or add to individual administrators and moderators, if necessary.
Time control. With the help of a filter the administrator can choose a single model or a group of models (an office, for example), select a time interval for which the report is needed, and see how long the models have worked in total, who has not completed the shift, etc (shift duration is exhibited for each group, e.g. 35 hours a week). The report is displayed as a visual graphics video.
Screenshots. With the help of a filter, the administrator can select an individual model or a group to view screenshots from the computer for a selected period of time. (the client makes the screenshots on the computer, the quality and range of which is customizable by an admin, and third-party storage on which to store the screenshots).
Employees. In this section, you create and edit staff, administrators, moderators. There are also exhibited all the necessary settings for users, etc.
Groups. In this section, you create and edit groups of employees. There are also exhibited all the necessary settings, etc.
News. In this section, you can make the news using the visual editor. News can be created for all models, for a group, for a particular model. News are divided into 2 types: one is displayed under "News" in the program on a computer, others pop up on the entire monitor screen when the user authorizes in the program, for example, the most important news, which can be closed only by scrolling down through the news and put a check “I have read”.
Messages. Private text messages for individual models, are just news (later will be replaced by tickets).
Pop-up tips. For some models and groups there will be exhibited pop-up messages. These messages pop up from the tray (as the clip-helper in Microsoft Word). This function is designed to remind some rules to the models, or advice from the administration. For example, important nuances for the new model for the period of study.
Group Chat. The possibility for the administrator to start a group chat with all users (models), some models or groups, e.g. you can select who is online right now.
Designer customer base. Visual fields designer for the customer base, which is filled by the model in the program.
Client base. Here the whole base is stored, and using filters there may be selected display options.
Notes. It stores all the notes of the model in the program, the administrator can view, edit, delete, create them.
Keylogger. Keylogger that stores keypads with keys combinations of all users as with the filter and the search may be used for private purposes.
Calculation of salary. Hourly earnings is tested at all sites, and the data in a model's personal cabinet is updated. Also, there are filters and settings for counting.
You also have the ability to log into the control panel for the models as well. An admin can set up access to models, add the selected items, the page menu. Then the models will have the opportunity to go into private offices outside the studio (without using the program) to access the required information, such as schedule, or communicate with the admin.
For those who are interested in the complex. We need to test this product, also want to take into account the wishes and comments of customers. Therefore we are ready to cooperate on mutually beneficial conditions, for example to provide for free in exchange for the complex testing. Your benefit is obvious, plus taking into account your wishes, we will upgrade the system and you will end up with a product that suits you best.
Thank you for your time, e-mail for further communication
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