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Mesajde camilla » 31 Ian 2012, 12:37

This is a great opportunity for you to have permanent front page placement on a new site with a growing member base. You have a good chance to be featured and earn a lot more than other cam sites while the site is still growing fast.

Free sign up!
Simple layout to understand!
Great environment!
Sign up here
Contact me if you have any questions! :)
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Mesajde » 31 Ian 2012, 16:22

Hi all, launched in November and its already really big (over 100,000 members) and a lot of big spenders. You can make a lot of money. We have great software and the site is super easy to use...

Also, if you have regular members that you talk to, we will pay you 100% if you refer them to us.. We give you a special linking code to do this. We don’t even take out processing fees! You get every single dime they spend in your own room...and there are no refunds or chargebacks!

Check out our model info site for more details

Or just check out the site itself and browse around

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Mesajde camilla » 08 Feb 2012, 09:19

Dear models, is a friendly and flirty community where guys appreciate girls who are flirty, funny, playfull and sexy ;)

If you want to cut right to the chase, register here or just read on :)

At we offer 4 different ways of making money:

You can earn tips by just being your fun self and having fun with visitors :) It’s that easy! A lot of girls use our room topics to fill up their tip meter and make a good amount of money just by getting tips!

• Private Chat:
In Private chat you’ll make $5.00 per minute to chat with someone one on one. Remember, you can still receive tips, even if you’re in a Private Chat :)

• Group Chat:
In group chat you can chat with several visitors at once. Not only is this a lot of fun but you can easily make some good money. SeeMe pays you $2.00 per minute, per person in Group Chat. So if you have a group chat with 5 people for 5 minutes, that’s $50 for just 5 minutes of having fun!

• Referring members -- 100%(!!) Referral Fee!
This is a very easy way of making money on SeeMe. If you’re already a model on another site and you refer you’re visitors to SeeMe you will get 100% of what they spend on you! This is a limited time offer so be sure to tell you’re guests about it quickly!

Just to answer a few questions you might have :)

Q: - Is nudity required?
A: - No! A lot of girls make a lot of money by just flirting, being sexy and having some fun :) Some guys expect nude shows or for you to show a little skin, but doing so is completely up to you!

Q: - What percentage do you pay?
A: - To start, we pay 40% of gross spending. There are no deductions for refunds or chargebacks ever. If you earned the money, you get to keep it. also offers a nice stats interface so you can check out how much you earned and how long you’ve been online. As a special bonus, our pay scales will go up the more you work!

Q: - How many members can I expect to come in my room?
A: - You can expect hundreds of members to enter your room every hour. Our site is very big and very busy. If guys like you, they will stay in the room and give you lots of attention and money. But to get lots of kisses, you have to give lots of hugs ;) This means you have to be nice, friendly, charming, engaging and sexy.

Q: - I want to sign up right now! Where do I go?
A: - Great! Just signup here as a model and we will approve your account so you can get online within the hour and start making money!

Register as a model

Register as a studio
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