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Mesajde paradiseXcams » 19 Noi 2013, 11:54

"Opportunity knocks but once..."

We are posting this info concerning MODELS AND STUDIOS in regards of a Limited and Exclusive Offer to Welcome the launch of our NEW ADULT WEBCAM SITE, Paradisexcams, which will take place in a few days. We will like to invite new models and studios to be part of this offer that we believe might sound really interesting to you.

Since you probably haven´t heard from us yet, first of all we would like to catch you up with the amazing benefits you could get in Paradisexcams (NET BENEFITS FOR YOU):

>> 0,75 €/min private, plus 0,32 €/min spy cam members, plus 47% Tips in Free chat. (€ Payouts)

>> 20% of spendings from referred new members + 5% earnings from referred performers

>> Higher payouts per number of models registered ( see 6.1 - percentages)

>> Extra Payouts rewards Lifetime (more info below)

>> Bi-weekly payouts; Payoneer or Wire Transfer.

BUT This great benefits won´t stop here for you at this time ...... the Welcome offer we propose you in question is this:

70% commission for you from start if you get online just 20 hours / week at your schedule choice and during a month (this percentage could be extended after this time).

In other words, the amount we will pay you regularly will convert from DAY 1 in:

>> 1.12 €/minute for you private chat

>> 0.48 €/minute for you spy cam member (unlimited members)

>> 70% per tips

To apply for this offer you have to get online at least 20 hours / week, (5 models at least if you are Studio).

Our Requirements to get benefited for this offer are just 3, (4 for studios ) :

1) Models accepted: Females 18 - 30 years old, (older than this age could be considered). BBW models won´t be considered for the offer.

2) You will have to be online during the first 5 days after our launch day for at least 4 hours / day and within this time frame: 4 PM - 12 AM Central Europe Time. You can fly free after that.. ;)

3) You should respect the time online and available for just 1 month. Obviously you can be Online more than the time scheduled for the offer, that way you will benefit FOR ANY EXTRA TIME ON SITE! :cool:

3) Studios have to register at least 5 models in their account. This is the minimum number of models required at Paradisexcams to be Studio in any case. You should have minimum 5 models respecting the agreed hours every week, but the more models you submit, the more of them will benefit from this offer! ie: submit 25 models so all of them will get 70% commission.

What do we guarantee?

High Europe and US Traffic from the first day.

And there´s something more for you!! As the rest of models and studios of the website, you will benefit as well from the Extra Earnings every 250 credits forever: 50€ Extra for every 300 credits you get in your account, LIFETIME. :shock:

You may be thinking this sounds really nice to be true, but the whole truth is that we want our studios and models get well rewarded for their job from scratch.

As you see there´s nothing compared to these rates and rewards anywhere!!

If you are interested to apply register as Model or Studio asap.

Studios once register models will be applicable to get the 70% commission from day 1.

Our launch day will be announced during next days.

If you got any questions about this offer please do not hesitate to contact us:

Kind regards,
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Mesajde dulcyka_sexy » 19 Noi 2013, 15:51

ohhh i am BBW :( :( :( :( :(
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Mesajde contesa28 » 20 Noi 2013, 12:15

unfortunatelly i am bbw too...and over 30 yo...damn! :(
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Mesajde draculina » 21 Noi 2013, 19:22

Hello I already signed a contract with your website months ago. Your offer here sounds way different than the one in the contract u sent me. Did the requirements changed meanwhile?
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Mesajde paradiseXcams » 23 Noi 2013, 21:21

contesa28 and dulcyka_sey, even you do not apply for the offer, that´s just for this special offer, but anyway you can sign up anyway in our site, since even without the offer you can get up to 75% Euro in Payouts. :)
Draculina, if this offer sounds better for you and want to apply for it, let us know sending us an email to, so you will be considered for this one.
Kind regards.
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Mesajde pervertyk » 24 Noi 2013, 02:56

Does it have free chat or possible to only private chat only ?
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Mesajde paradiseXcams » 24 Noi 2013, 13:16

Hi pervertyk,
It has free chat, models can receive tips in free chat without getting totally naked, the main goal is to get to private show.
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Mesajde Ilona » 01 Dec 2013, 01:58

Hello! Im a model 26 years but I 'm not from Romania and I would like to work with Paradisexcams. Is't possible?
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