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Mesajde AdrianMDH » 11 Mar 2016, 12:35

Hello everyone!

It is my great pleasure to announce that My Dirty Hobby is going international!

Since our launch, almost 10 years ago, our community has seen an amazing growth on the European market. Making it one of the most successful products in the Mindgeek family.

In hope of not making this a TL;DR thread, here is a direct link to the WIKI page for some more in-depth information.

Scope of this Thread

We feel we've outgrown the German Market and that our product and team is ready to tackle the International Market and all the challenges that this endeavour will imply.

We chosen to bring it in front of a forum of professionals for both review and feedback, so that we can better ourselves and make your work easier, more enjoyable and, of course, more profitable.

How can YOU earn money on MyDirtyHobby?

Website currency: DirtyCents. Rate: 100 DirtyCents = $1. Refered as DC.

a. Webcamming:

We offer our performers the option to broadcast their shows and earn money each time a member joins their room with the three available options.

Public: Can be set from 99DC/min to 399DC/min.
Private: Can be set from 199DC/min to 599DC/min.
Voyeur: Can be set from 99DC/min to 599DC/min.

Our broadcasting solution doesn't involve any additional software and it allows for HD streaming directly from the browser.

We also give you the possibility of taking notes on users so you can better relate to them and also show you if the user is on mobile, table or Desktop.

b. Selling your content:

Videos - You can upload your videos on MyDirtyHobby and charge between 1.5DC/second to 5DC/second. Uploading it is as simple as a simple 5 step process.

1 Drag and Drop file in order to upload it.
2 Give a Title to your video and write a description.
3 Add 2 Preview Pictures, one hardcore one softcore
4 Set price/second, select language and choose 3 categories to file your video
5 Agree to the terms of service and click "complete"

Once the video is screened for Terms of Service compliance, you will receive a message that you can publish your video and start selling it.

All new videos go to our Latest Videos Section and the ones that get the most reviews and ratings go to our Top Videos Section (Top Videos of the Week/Top Videos of the Month)

We also offer you the option to give discounts for your content and put your content in the VIDEO SALE page.

Pictures - You can also upload a photo gallery and sell it to the members, prices per picture can vary from between 10DC to 100DC.

To upload Photo Galleries you need only to:

1 Name the Gallery
2 Give Description
3 Set Price
4 Choose 3 categories
5 Upload the pictures

All photos go to the Latest Photos Page.

c. Messages:

You will be able charge members for sending you private messages. We give three options:

- Allow users to contact you for free.
- Charge users for every private message that you replied to. (from 10Dc/message to 100Dc/message)
- Users that already purchased your pictures, videos or visited you in your chat room can contact you free of charge and members that didn't do anything of the mentioned must pay for every message sent to you.


Our standard offer is 25% share from all profits (webcamming, content, messages) and there is no fine-print to it.

You can also increase your earnings from referring: members, amateurs or webmasters.
All the information you need about our referral program can be found here:

Besides the money offer, we also offer our full support and cooperation. And a full course, for however wants it of course, into the inner workings on MyDirtyHobby, a full custom made training for increasing the bottom line.


PAXUM: You can choose to be paid to your Paxum account once a month or twice a month.

Check: You can choose to be paid via cheque once a month or twice a month.

Wire transfer: You can choose to be paid directly to your bank account once a month.

If you choose to be paid twice a month you will have two pay periods each month the first will start on the 1st and end on the 15th and the second one will start on the 16th and end in the last day of the month.

If you choose to be paid once a month you will only have one pay period that starts on the 1st and ends with the last day of the month.

Payments are issued 15 days after a pay-period ends.

To conclude:

We want to ensure all of you that our ears are opened and we are fully dedicated to making this a profitable cooperation.

If you'd like to become an amateur with us Go on My Dirty Hobby and click Become an Amateur.

I will personally handle all incoming questions and feedback.

My contact information:

Skype: mdh-rm
Phone number: 0768.477.095

Looking forward to hearing back from all of you.


Adrian M.
International Relationship Manager

P.S. 1: To keep the OP as efficient as possible, we will explain more of the features and options of MyDirtyHobby in the following posts.
P.S. 2: Links provided in the thread contain tracking codes, for internal statistics purposes.
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