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Mesajde gooiebes » 10 Dec 2013, 20:52

Xcam did introduce in their internal newsflash on 10/12/2013 a New webcam software: Xmodels streamer. The question is why again a new program, not very long ago they did introduce their booster. That booster did give many models a lot of problems for many months, but was in the end solved.

I was really chocked when i could read this new streamer. I am not a technician, but I would be very careful to download this program. For the models who work on more sites and that is the majority, I advise to read really good. Myself I really would not download, read the small letters !!!!

And when you have a laptop be very carefully.


How to install the Xmodels Streamer
How to go online with the Xmodels Streamer
What to do in case of problems with the Xmodels streamer

Before you start installing the Xmodels Streamer it’s important to check the follwoing:

1. How to install the Xmodels Streamer

Do you have administrator privileges on your computer?
Is the operating system of your computer windows vista, windows 7 or windows 8? The Xmodels streamer is does not work on windows XP or mac computers.

Before you can start the installation you have to deactivate the User Access Control (UAC) on your computer during the installation of the Xmodels Streamer.

Windows 7: Click on the windows button.
Windows 8: go with your mouse to the upper right corner and click on search.
Type msconfig and press Enter, you will now see the System configuration Tool
Click on the Tools tab
Click Disable UAC and then click Launch
Restart your computer to apply the new settings.

Once your computer is restarted you have to deactivate your virus scanner for 15 minutes before you start downloading the software.

Click on the link below to start downloading the Xmodels Streamer
Once the file is downloaded you open the XmodelsStreamerSetup.exe file on your computer:
It's best to leave the destinated folder on the map we suggest, then click on Install.
Once the installation is completed you click on Close. Now you will find a map XmodelsStreamer in your program files. To start the Xmodels streamer you have to click on the XmodelsStreamer application (with pink webcam). We advise you to make a shortcut on your desktop.

You are now ready to start using the Xmodels Streamer.

Please read the next FAQ point to see How you can go online with the Xmodels Streamer

2. How to go online with the Xmodels Streamer

How to go online with the Xmodels Streamer
To go online with the streamer you have to open the Xmodels Streamer from the map where you installed it. Normally you will find a map XmodelsStreamer in your program files. To start the Xmodels streamer you have to click on the XmodelsStreamer application (with pink webcam). We advise you to make a shortcut on your desktop.

If you get an error or problem while going online please read the next FAQ point Xmodels Streamer: solve problems.

If you open the Xmodels Streamer you will see the login page from Xmodels. Please log in with your username and password. In the next step you can see your extranet. This means that you still have access to all the Xmodels information (news, stats, FAQ …) via the Xmodels Streamer.

To go online click on the “start!” button in the upper right corner of your extranet.

You now see 2 buttons on your screen. First click on “Select webcam and microphone”
In the “Device” drop down menu you select the webcam that you want to use.
IMPORTANT: If you select the wrong webcam and click on “Start webcam” you have to restart the Xmodels Streamer to select the correct webcam. Once online, you can’t change the webcam that is being used by the Xmodels Streamer!
Under “Audio Input Device” you select your microphone. If you don’t want to send any sound, set it to “Disable”.

IMPORTANT: It is no longer possible to activate or deactivate the sound when you are online. If you select a microphone here you will be online with sound, if you set it to disable you won’t have sound for your visitors.

You don’t have to change any other setting in this menu! All the other settings are automatically set for the best image quality when you go online.

Once you selected the webcam and microphone you click on “OK” and then on “Start webcam”.

Configuration: you have to select what type of computer you have:
Normal CPU: All computers older than 3 years
Fast CPU: Recent computers with an Intel I3 processor
Very fast CPU: Recent computers with an Intel I5 or I7 processor.

Once you selected your type of CPU you can click on “Go online”.

Take snapshot: Here you have to take a snapshot where your face is clearly visible. You can only take the snapshot if you see your own webcam image. If you don’t see your own webcam image then you have selected the wrong webcam or a webcam that is already in use. In this case you have to restart the streamer.

If you want to go online as a couple you also have to select the name of your participant in this step. This is only possible if you have a registered and validated participant.

Once you have taken the snapshot the webcam application will start.

For models who use a splitter we will show you a pop up with the best settings for the splitter. (This depends on the CPU you selected and your upload speed). We strongly advise you to use these settings. Using other settings won’t give you the best image quality

If models clicked this pop up away without reading it then they can still see the setting by clicking on the blue button with the “?”.

As you can see the application hasn’t changed much, there are only 2 small differences:

1) You no longer have a button to disable your sound.
2) On the right you have a blue button to refresh the application. This is useful if you want to take a break. If you click there you go back to step 1 of going online. This way you don’t have to fully close the streamer and restart it by logging in on your extranet.

A last remark: The Xmodels streamer works together with the Xmodels booster. To have the best possible image quality it’s best to also install the Xmodels booster. Click HERE to read how you can install the Xmodels booster

3. What to do in case of problems with the Xmodels streamer
In case you have problems during the installation or when opening the Xmodels streamer please read this document to find out how you can solve the problem.

Conditions to install the Xmodels streamer:

You need administrator privileges on your computer.
The supported operating systems are windows vista, windows 7 and windows 8. The Xmodels streamer is not available for windows XP or mac computers.
A 32 bit-video card with the most recent drivers installed
Flash player 11 or higher installed via Internet Explorer. http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer
Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime version 9.0c or above http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download ... px?id=8109
Possible problems after installing the Xmodels Streamer

1) When you click to open the Xmodels streamer you get an error that the d3dx10_43.dll file is missing.

To fist his problem you have to install additional directX software. You can download it here:
http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download ... px?id=8109

You don’t have to install the suggestions the website makes. If you downloaded the file and open it you first have to agree with the conditions and then give a place to extract the files. It’s best to extract these files in a new empty map.

Once all the files are extracted you have to open the map and double click on “DXSETUP”. Once the installation is completed you must be able to open the Xmodels streamer. If this still doesn’t work please contact the Xmodels support.

2) When you click on “start!” you get a grey page with the words “loading” in the corner.

This problem is caused by your flash player. You need to have the most recent version of flash player installed via your internet explorer. To fix this problem open internet explorer and go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer

3) You get an error on the page where you try to go online. This error gives 3 possible reasons and one of them is that the software of your drivers isn’t up to date.

The solution for this problem is to check if there are updates for your video card drivers. You can check this by opening the device manager from windows. Under “display adapters” you will see your video card and chipset. To check for updates of your driver you have to double click on the video card, go to the tab “driver” and click on “update driver”? Now choose “search automatically for updated driver software”. If there are updates available windows will automatically install them. If you have 2 display adapters you have to check both.

If there are no updates available then you can’t use the Xmodels Streamer because the hardware of your computer isn’t strong enough.

Before the new drivers will be active you have to reboot your computer. Once you rebooted your computer you should be able to take the first snapshot. If you still get the same error then you can’t use the Xmodels Streamer.

The reason not everybody can use the streamer is because of the hardware. Some models have a video card that isn’t strong enough, this happens mostly on integrated video card on the motherboard.

4) You are online but you always have a white snapshot.

This problem can’t be solved for the moment. The problem is caused by a problem with your video card and can’t be solved by doing upgrades. Most times this happens with models who use more than 1 screen on their computer. If you use more than 1 screen on your computer you can test if it works if you only use 1 screen.

If you can’t solve the errors with the explanation we gave you then you can always contact the Xmodels support via info@xmodels.ch or via the live support during the office hours.
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Mesajde gooiebes » 21 Dec 2013, 22:39

Many models on Xcams who did download streamer, have big problems. So don't download! Why you should download, for sure it will not give you more trafic. Happy holidays for everybody !
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