Lista cu siteurile de video chat plus opinii despre ele

Mesajde metcams » 09 Iun 2009, 13:44

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Mesajde Xparfum » 11 Iun 2009, 09:44

studio's can't apply ?
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Mesajde metcams » 16 Iun 2009, 16:13

Can apply studios or single models.
The signup info is at:

Especially for new models who register and bring some of their customers to met-cams, we just added model referral, we give $1.60 per minute = 82% (instead of normal $1.00 = 50% ) to you for chats with these guys.

Note that our site do not allow dildo or masturbation, is allowed only naked and sexy poses, same as our photo site
So is good to bring romance and talks a lot guys, not for sex sessions.
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Mesajde metcams » 18 Feb 2010, 18:24

I am here to write about some news:

1) Is now possible to change the price per minute, from $1.75 to $4.00, is no more $2.50 same price for all models. Pay is 40% net, it means $1.00 for $2.50 price, $0.80 for $2.00, $1.20 for $3.00 and so on. Note that big customer have discount so pay less (win bonus, buy bulk), but you get the same $$, so can be 50% in reality from what big customer paid.

2) If model bring (refer) the customer (from other site or simply you know him and tell him to chat you on met-cams), with him the model get 75% net, so for example at $4 per minute price you get $3 per minute. But note some customer has dicount and pay less, so in reality you can get up to 80% or 90% of price paid, with referred customers. Example you have price $2.50 a minute, you get $1.88 a minute (75%), but if customer has discount can pay in reality 1.99 per minute, you get $1.88, so is 95% real. I believe this can be more than other sites that as affiliate pay max 80%, but I not know in details offers of everyone.

Also I remind that we have history of no chargebacks. You can ask around if any model had even $1 chargeback from met-cams, simply it not happened. We have insurance up to $250 every 15 days against chargeback per each model, and we see no one model reach that amount so as result, no model see chargebacks.

Models and studios can learn more and register from:

icq: 469634928
yahoo: wccmanager

Note that we are slow in registering, we are sorry for that, but we add not many models per month and we make selections. So if needs days between each answer and weeks before to finally register, this is normal here. With some patience, models who qualify are always registered, maybe late, but we answer everyone 8)
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Mesajde Elmagnifico » 04 Iun 2010, 12:33

Is still Fabio contact person for Met-Art site?
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Mesajde HotCamStudio » 05 Iun 2010, 00:00

yes,but he will accept only good looking models, not anyone is allowed on his site.
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Mesajde chatgf » 08 Aug 2010, 15:36

A note - the current met-cams site will be closed on 15 august 2010, all models will be paid all minutes remaining, and no problems. This is not a site who failed.
Is simply the owners who change partners, and split in agreement.
Under met-cams name will be other cam company and software, we can not comment on this because of contracts we have.
Their offers are very different from old met-cams so what is written in this post is not applicable for new met-cams! You should ask the new operator of met cams about what's their type of offers.
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Mesajde SAD^^EYES » 08 Aug 2010, 18:03

La data acestui post este whitelabel streamate.
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