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Categoria este destinata anunturilor de vanzari/cumparari produse si servicii cat si anunturilor diverse. Atentie! Trebuie sa existe o legatura intre aceste produse/servicii si activitatea de adult video chat, in caz contrar nu voi aproba anunturile. Va rog verificati si regulamentul pentru categoria de Reclama.

Mesajde CamHunter » 03 Ian 2011, 18:33

Hello everybody,
Firstly, I’d like to wish you Happy New Year!
Let me introduce myself: my name is Marianna, I’m the manager of project.
My colleagues, and I - we decided not to believe that the webcam industry is dead, and created a project that will increase either your, or our profits. No, no, not just another webcam site! :)
I’d like to mention that we have massive experience in working in the adult industry, we run several profitable projects, so this time we decided to turn our eyes on the webcam business. was created as a site with wide range of reviews of the webcam sites, and of the models working there as well. It might be interesting for those who want to draw additional traffic to their chat rooms, but don’t know how to start.
We would be glad to do this for you. Of course, it is 100% free of charge.
We hope to make our project interesting not only for webcam sites (either currently working, or future ones), but also for You - the models and the studio owners.
Currently, we run our project in beta testing mode, and begin filling it with contents.
If anyone would like to help us, any assistance will be gratefully received.
Our offer applies to beginners, as well as to experienced models – we do want to fill our site with honest reviews and links to the rooms of real working online models.
If you want to submit your (or your models’) data, please send us a PM or a letter with the nicknames and attach several attractive photos (4 or more, the more photos you send, the better your profile will look). If you are able to attach a movie (or a link to your movie), this will be really great!
Once you do this, our reviewer will visit your room (it’s some extra money, btw!) and we’ll write a detailed review linked to your rooms at,,,,,,,,,
If you don’t mind if we do some additional promotion of your rooms at Twitter, Facebook etc., please mention it in your letter, and we’ll create these pages for you.
At the end of January we plan to add the special form for models where you will be able to submit your details by yourselves. So, if you are not ready to get additional quality traffic at the moment, we’ll be glad to see you later!
Currently, we have Girls, Matures, Fetish and Pornstars categories, the rest ones will be added in a little while.
We realize that models are at the head of this industry, and this is why we request your assistance at the beginning – you will see the output in full!
I’m ready to answer your questions and waiting for your letters on! Please don’t hesitate to ask! :)
Marianna, hotcamhunter project manager.

P.S. If I posted this advertisement in incorrect section - please transfer this topic to the right place, if I broke some rules - please exuse me :)
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Mesajde andromaca_mulge_vaca » 04 Ian 2011, 12:26

Hi, Marianna, regarding ur promotion-proposal i can understand that YOU ( ur comapny, ur site) u get ur money from the sites as any webmaster (for sending them traffic) while the camgirl gets her EXTRA money also from the sites same as she would bring them a REFFERED new member? ( well they are not always BRAND NEW members but still ...)

As far as i know livepimpin is not allowing for a camgirl to be simultaneous a webmaster while they don.t have for camgirls any recompense if they reffer a new member.

So can u explain me more pls? I.m a bit confused, if i keep my profile just on ImLive for example and i have the traffic XYZ how can i know that my traffic would be increased thx to u because of u promoting me MORE? Any statistics? or how can i measure it?
What i want to say is (as an example) : today ImLive is promoting me already by thousands and thousands of webmasters but none of them knows my... personal info: my name my adress my passport no.

So can u explain us some more? thx .
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Mesajde CamHunter » 04 Ian 2011, 15:29

Thanks for your question, that was pleasure for me to response.

Firstly, our offer was intended for those who want to bring some more traffic into their rooms, but don’t know how to do it.
Topics like “dear webmasters, would you do some promotion for me?” are pretty frequent at the webmasters boards, so we made a conclusion that such promotion (twitter and facebook fanpages, references on our site etc.) might become popular among webcam models.
If we made a mistake, we are sorry.

And, obviously, we do not demand your private data, such as passport details, street address and so on. If you are not into sending emails, you can use PM or any free file exchange system.

Your idea about tracking traffic seems to be interesting, thanks! We ought to think about special trackers to show the results to everyone interested then. :D

And the last one: we don’t want you to consider us greedy people willing to make a profit out of your work, without any giving back. I’ll do my best to eradicate such opinions.
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Mesajde CamHunter » 07 Ian 2011, 16:35

Thanks again to all the people who payed some attention to this thread and already sent us some mails :)
Looking forward to receiving some more
What we would love to get in that mail is the following:
- links to the chatrooms at the sites you work at or simple “nickname-site name” pairs;
- the name of the category that you work in (Girls, Matures, Fetish);
- at least 4 photos (feel free to send more);
- if you have any teaser videos, feel free to send them in as well – or upload them to some site and send us the links;
- please, let us know if you allow us to create your profiles for your fans in social networks.
Looks like this is it – the rest will be provided by us.
Thanks in advance,
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