- no free chat, model paid 60%

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Mesajde chatgf » 07 Aug 2010, 23:35

No free chat, offline site for appointment only, with SMS alerts.
Minimum time of private is 20 minutes: no 3 minute quick guys here.

We pay 60% of your price, choice between $2/min or $4/min as you wish.
Special: get 82% from REFered members + $50 one time for each signup.
For $2/min you will be paid $1.20 min and for REFs $1,64 min.
For $4/min you will be paid $2.40 min and for REFs $3.28/min.

We pay model who get chargeback too! We insurance up to $500/month.
If you do $1000 of which chargebacked $300, we pay you $1000, we lose $300.
If you make $1000 and is chargebacked $600, we pay you $900, we lose $500.

We run cam sites since 2004, with other names and partners, no newbies.
ChatGF started with 100 models the first day, from old contacts.
We have not (yet) big traffic, we can't register 1000 more models now.
We register only few models, selected slowly one by one, sorry.
Models who are top in other sites will be considered with priority.

For more informations, contacts and registration form:

Please read page fully before to write questions here in forum.
Answers about studio accounts, rules, date of payment etc. is at

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Mesajde chatgf » 08 Aug 2010, 15:28

I see people are writing comments on this other more official about chatgf: ... 10841.html

SO maybe is more useful if all comments go to ... 10841.html
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Mesajde chatgf » 10 Sep 2010, 03:20

Just to update that, due to current epassporte situation, we will add within days new payment options:

- Payoneer cards

- Western Union (for who can't wait get a payoneer card) but will be 10% fee sorry

Bank wire transfer active still too.

Also sorry to that dozens of model/studio who sent me docs to register and wait since more than a week, I will make all accounts soon - just understand we spent whole week in deal with Payoneer and stuff.
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Mesajde chatgf » 22 Sep 2010, 16:09

I confirm we can pay on payoneer cards since this week.

Also I remind our special offer for model referral, bring your customer to ChatGF and you get 82% from his spend with you, plus $50 one time pay at moment he register ($50 per customer + $82% on private).
You can set price from $1.50 a minute to $8.00 a minute.
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Mesajde Studio20 » 22 Apr 2011, 21:49

A incercat cineva situl asta? Pare "too good to be true" :)
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Mesajde sunflower » 26 Apr 2011, 22:08

Da, a fost bun la vremea lui lol. Paymenturi la timp, procentele fix cum le promit insa traficul lor (si asa slabut) s-a cam dus... in concluzie, mai bine faci skip.
Alta chestie... e fff posibil ca din 10 modele de exemplu, doar 2 sau chiar una sa fi reusit sa stea pe el, intrucat sunt f selectivi. Cam ciudat, stiu.
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Mesajde ladyemma » 26 Apr 2012, 18:16

RedStudio scrie:A incercat cineva situl asta? Pare "too good to be true" :)

Eu stau pe site-ul asta de cateva luni, dar nu misca mai nimic, 2-3pv la luna lol!In schim daca dai click acolo la Schedull reports vei vedea WANT MAKE MORE MONEY? Try the new site, login with same model user and password of ChatGF. Look instructions page for: FreeNude chat.Si aici e chiar fun, dar trebuie sa stai dezbracata , si primesti tipuri, min 1$. Nu te imbogateste chatul asta dar poti sa-l lasi deschis in paralel cu alt site de pv direct sau whatever.Si daca se aduna 800$pe luna eu zic ca tot e bun.
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Mesajde chatgf » 12 Sep 2012, 05:32

Yes as said by "ladyemma", we have a new site , from april 2011, this is with free chat and for tips, similar to myfreecams, every model with chatgf account get account for tubecamgirl too, and can open it, the pay is 50% of tips.

The site offline (no free chat) Chatgf it is paying 55% instead of 60% since late 2011, it is otherwise all the same.
Our selection system is quite hated (especially by models not selected, I can see it), anyway for more information it is here:

I remind that registration at it gives also access to
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Mesajde chatgf » 20 Mai 2013, 17:09

I write to update about our second site

TueCamGirl it work with same model user/password as chatgf, so if you get an account with us, is to both sites. Then you can decide to work only chatgf, only tubecamgirl, or both, as you wish.

Lately we added group shows to tubecamgirl. It work like the ones in streamate, so you decide and set the total price, the price per ticket and the duration of the show. For example $30 for 15 minuters, and minimum ticket $5. Then you need 6 people who sent $5 each, or two who send $15 each or other combination, until the $30 is reached. Then group starts for 15 minutes countdown; at that point other people can enter late with $5; also they still can tip inside the group.
This is quite different from group shows of myfreecams (mfc) or chaturbate, where it is enough that 3 people enter group with no pre.payment, then immediately when started 2 of them can exit and you keep with one only inside. In fact we preferred to do the other way, all paid before to start.

The other rooms of tubecamgirl are "no rules", much like chaturbate or mfc, based on tips only, where can stay clothed or naked or play as you wish, in fact, anarchic; payout of tips/group is usual 50%.

Chatgf had no changes, it is the classic no free chat, private only, minimum 20 minutes appointment. Price per minute can be selected by model, any value from $1.50 a minute to even $20 a minute, average used is $2 to $3 a minute. Payout 55% (it is no more 60% since some time, as announced, sorry). Special offer, who bring own customers (REFerral) gets 82% from him.

Registration page is

*IMPORTANT*: registration requires first to do a live test, read in the page for details. Also we do not take everyone, and even when we take, registration can take 1 ot more weeks, depend how many registration requests we got. We are a little slow to register, sorry.
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